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Good Enough Book Review

Good Enough wasn’t really written for me. I’ve read books by Kate Bowler before, and I liked them enough to read this, no questions asked. If I had paused to clarify, I would have noticed the overtly Christian connotation of a Devotional. Which is exactly why I found this book so distant, yet so informative.

It’s incredibly sad that the perception of Christianity by non-Christians in this country is most often Evangelical, overbearing, and insensitive. What made this book so refreshing was seeing the tone that the writers used to describe a far more loving, thoughtful version of their faith. Reading Good Enough felt like an insight into the Progressive movements of Christianity, and I was so grateful to see that while my peers in the Jewish realm are working on creating a more resilient, holistic form of our tradition, there are others doing the same.

This book felt like a re-examination of how Jesus would want you to live using ancient wisdom for the modern day. And after all, isn’t that the entire point of maintaining a religious tradition? In 40(ish) sections, Bowler and Richie made their spiritual insight both accessible and relatable, and tore down so many of the obstacles that have historically made it very difficult to want to invest in faith. I loved having the chance to encounter the discussions that other religious communities are having in order to propel their tradition forward, and am grateful that Bowler and Richie were able to share a version of Christianity that makes me excited to work with their disciples.

There is no single way to practice religion. We are all looking for the best ways to understand our connection to God and to the world around us. This book, in many ways, in the embodiment of the idea that a rising tide helps all ships. Because however you experience God, a good faith leader should be motivated to help make that experience all the more vivid and impactful for you. And that's just what Bowler and Richie write to do.


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